International Trading

The Company has its warehouses located in free trading zones in Romania. First, utilizing free trading zones can significantly reduce and even eliminate costs from customs duties, taxes and tariffs; and minimize bureaucratic regulations. Second, free trading zones are considered to be the best option for International Business Company to locate its warehouse premises. Finally, the free trading zone in Romania is an ideal location for the supply chain we offer.

We are interested in extending our product range and discovering emerging markets. To this end, we consider any proposals of collaboration!

For potential suppliers

We are proud to work with our current valued suppliers to grow sales and satisfy customers. In the meantime, we are constantly searching for new potential manufacturers, vendors and suppliers in order to diversify our product range and timely replenish our warehouse stocks. However, it is worth mentioning that one of our prime requirements is high quality standards for the products we buy and sell. From our part, we ensure proper fulfillment of obligations and liabilities taken by our company in partnership agreements.

All interested parties are invited to send their business proposals by e-mails or to make us phone calls!